March 24, 2005
Roberto Mamani Mamani – artist of the Bolivian uplands
Roberto Mamani Mamani – artist of the Bolivian uplands (photo from
Creative works of Roberto Mamani Mamani has become the visiting card of Bolivia. His canvases have been exhibited in many capitals of Latin America, Europe and Asia and have always enjoyed a great success. In all a little bit representative arts collections of Latin America there are his multicolored, optimistic, as if pierced by the sun works of art.

The contrast between grey, ochre-brown altiplano tones of the Bolivian uplands and festive colors, used by Mamani Mamani to portray his native lands, has always amazed the critics. However, according to the artist, there is no mystery in it, he just managed to maintain, not to waste his childish, enthusiastic perception of the world around him. He's inherited this perception from his ancestors – Indians of quechua and aymara.

Now the artist is 43 and he is in the prime of his creative talents. Mamani Mamani has not received any professional education and now he thinks, that owing to it, he preserved that naive, “unadjusted” by academic polishing manner of depicting the world of the Bolivian Indians, its sacred sources.

The ruins of Inca civilization, divine trajectory of the Sun, triumph of the Earth and Sun union, impermeable waters of the Titicaca lake are embodied at the half-tints of the artist.

The questions of his political “orientation”, as a rule, are left unanswered by Roberto Mamani Mamani. But if the interviewer presses for reply, the artist says, that he is completely at one with his people, its choice and aspirations.

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