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La Misión tropical park, Venezuela

Tiwy.com, photos by Rem Sapozhnikov (2008)
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It was not possible to pass by: on the road from Puerto Cabello in direction of San Felipe original bright signs used to catch your eye with persisting regularity.

Once a nunnery, it was bought out by a married couple of Europeans, attached it to their property - thus creating an original park center. In the turmoiled by a revolution Venezuela this place amazed, first of all, by an unusual order. Noiseless electric cars take excursionists along the winding lanes among the tropical forest that was impersistently, but positively touched upon by a human hand. Those, who do not fear tropical heat, can have a walk. For walking tourists they placed benches and shed-shelters along the route.

There is something to look at for plant lovers. We just had a ride, breathed fresh air, made a wish having hugged a naked Indian, - that is the name of tree without a bark. Thanks to its originality, the ability to fulfill a wish was attributed to it, however, till now it failed to prove.

In the former nunnery there is a souvenir shop, restaurant and perdon an elegant (there is no other word for it with modern equipment and pictures on the wall) toilet. The unusually cosy little church, in which they baptise children and hold wedding ceremonies, remained from the ecclesiastical past.

By the way, on the road to the tropical park La Mision or on the way back, one can have a stop at Puerto Cabello: not far from junction EL Palito (behind the filling station) there is a cosy passade Varadero Beach with a restaurant at the sea and exit to the beach, a little further, on the same street La Playathere there is another restaurant - Delmar. Very decent places, though to get there, you have to cross poor people residential quarters.

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