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Burning like a vigourous flame

Olga Ravchenko, Emma Pribylskaya, Belarus

January 2013

Having read some malevolent news about Hugo Chavez`s health because of post-surgical problems and because of his put off inauguration, I shared my bitterness of it with Emma Pribylskaya hoping to support the President, contrary to those who precipitate to sell the bear's skin before they`ve caught the bear.

On January, 15-th Emma commented with a poem “Cid – asks – to tie him to his war-horse…”:


Emma Pribylskaya

Cid – asks – to tie him to his war-horse…
The war is happening in the Stranger Tides.
The hopes are withering away on the vine.
Spill. Flood. Ugrium-river.
The Ill Black water –
being exalted like honey –
flows God knows where?
It turns around in the same place, it doesn`t go away…

The fate – a black-red disaster…
To burn like Light – then to fall into a coma?..
Once again Mefistofel-Woland-Demon –
Hope-Margarita-Spes –
as murded-put into quietest pool- entering the church.
Where should go the saints and masters?..

The History orders: “Spark –
believing in people – start to cry!
No sparks to burn in vane!”
The war-horse rushes to carry his knight to the battle,
because all the lights are like Light
Inextinguishablely Bright!

* Note by Tiwy.com: Cid is a Hispanic epos hero in the Reconquista times. (In 711 the Moors invaded Spain and during several centuries reigned in the peninsula. However, immediately after that the Reconquista, that is regaining of the country by Spaniards, has started.)

According to the legend, before the last battle with the Moors, Cid was fatally wounded by a poisonous arrow and soon died. His wife clad the body in armor and placed it on the horse, so that his army would not guess about the death of their leader and the fighting spirit should remain on the due level.


Emma asked me, in her turn, to translate Alberto Arvelo Torrealba`s poem “Por aqui paso” dedicated to Simon Bolivar. Chavez likes this poem very much and often recites it improvising: “Por aqui paso compadre, hacia aquellos montes lejos. Por aqui, vestido de humo, mi general que iba ardiendo”. (“Just here he passed, comrade, towards those mountains, far off. Just here, dressed in smoke, my general which went burning like a flame.”)

On January, 18-th Emma passed me the poem and said: “Don`t regret about translating it. Do it, at least for Chavez”. I got down at the instrument to catch the tone…

Emma went away and I translated the text line by line, without looking into forwards, as they use to do… sometimes improvising, like Chavez does:


Alberto Arvelo Torrealba`s poem as well as Emma Pribylskaya`s one presents the hero, in the humanity`s history, as Light Inextinguishablely Bright. Chavez as Bolivar`s ideals continuer believes in his own mission. Both Bolivar and Chavez belong to the Light: they are Supreme Will`s* mediums. The Song is a symbol of the Light`s element inspiring the person for life; the horn calling to battle. Both Bolivar and Chavez as mediums of the Light`s heavenly nature mission are promised, by the Song, to get the eternity.

* It`s important to understand that the Light`s people regard the origin of the inspiration as a sacral one. The Light`s genre are an order; a command word not for discussing, but for carrying out; an inspired sermon where the proponent speaks freely on behalf of God, moreover the sermon is taken as a matter of course by the flock. …While you are in the Light`s element you have no any doubt. (Avessalom Podvodny)

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