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Hydropower plant Macagua II , Llovizna park, Venezuela.

Tiwy.com (2008)
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Large industrial centre - Ciudad Guayana — stretched along the southern bank of the Orinoco river and actually absorbed the cities of Puerto Ordaz and San Felix. In the centre of this conglomeration, in the mouth of the Caroni river there is a hydropower plant Macagua II - one of the chain of hydropower plants erected on the turbulent rivers flowing into Orinoco. The plant is open for visiting, there is an interesting Museum of Ecology, various exhibitions and different events keep on taking place there.

However, we, residents of flat lands, longed for waterfalls, and we started to the nearby park «Llovizna» (Parque Llovizna). It was Sunday, the park was crowded with visitors and we had a chance to see how the Venezuelan working people rest.

We enjoyed the trip very much. That is why, as it is written on the entrance wall, we take back with us not only the things that we brought, but also good memories and desire to come back.

Luxurious hotel «Continental» is empty in the days off and consequently they give big discounts for staying.

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