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Привет. Меня зовут Рустам, я живу в Калифорнии, хорошо знаю испанский и английский, работал переводчиком-синхронистом, весьма презентабелен внешне, русский для меня родной. В настоящее время подрабатываю таксистом, так что могу немедленно выехать в любое место в Мексике по вашей просьбе и еще и весьма по-божески попросить за свои услуги переводчика. Проезд до места за мой счет, это железно. Вообще, я люблю передвигаться и получать новые впечатления. Моя почта rustamzzz@yahoo.com

Holy mackinaw! What a life! What an amazing life! From an interpreter to a cab driver! Definitely living an American dream.

So you are in California, right, pal? Do you even know how long it takes to get from California to Cancun and HOW expensive it is to drive a car all the way down to Yucatan?:)

Gas prices in Mexico now equal those in USA or Canada. You gotta charge several grands to make some profit if you really wanna work all over Mexico interpreting and pay for your own gas.

Ain't a smart business idea, chap.

Please reply in English:-) Would love to see your real skills (if any).

Mr. Proud Canadian, with all the respect to your expert knowlegle of Mexico and Mexicans, I need to point out that I do not intend to make any viable profit from helping out some Russian friends in that country, I would rather do this for fun and relaxation. I regularly go back and forth Mexico-USA by plane anyway, and the money that I currently make as a cab driver is more than enough to pay for the tickets as well as living expenses in Mexico. I admit that I can hardly be a guide in Mexico like yourself with all the years that you spent there as a residet, however, I speak really good Spanish and have substantial experience as siimultaneous translator having worked for years translating movies and feature TV programs for Russian audiences in California.Respectfully, Rustam.


Всего сообщений: 4, показывается страница: 1

Страницы: 1

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