Colonial Quito

Rem Sapozhnikov / 2003

The church silhouettes.

The quiet streets of the colonial times.

The house and museum of city founder Sebastian de Benalcazar.

Different views on San Francisco Square:

The San Francisco Church of 1535 is the first massive religious building on the continent.

Church Santo Domingo and the monument to Grand Marshal Antonio Jose de Sucre.

Independence Square and the Presidential Palace.

Here you can feel the pulse of the past.

La Compania Chapel was erected by Jesuits in 1605. This is the most beautiful church in Ecuador with a freaky fasade carven our of the volcano stone. The church decoration required about 7 tonn of gold.

Tomb of Grand Marshal Sucre in the Cathedral.

Mass-meeting on Independence Square in front of the Presidential Palace.

Continuation :
Panecillo Hill

* * *
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