The town of Zelenogradsk, Kaliningrad region / June 2012
I have a rare book in my home library – an “Illustrated guide to overseas health spas”, published in Berlin in 1911. Our Zelenogradsk, however, under the former German name Cranz is mentioned there.

What is said about the town in the guide? “Cranz is situated 14 miles away from the city of Konigsberg. Sea waves are very strong, so swimming in Cranz is not yielding to swimming in the German Sea. The climate, refreshing and firming, is softened by the proximity of large spruce and pine forests. The temperature is moderate. Between the baths on the banks there is an open for 900 meters of length square for walks, four spa doctors and a pharmacy. Electric and gas lighting. A lot of apartments (for rent). Entertainments: concerts, horse racing, tennis competitions, dances, field trips, boat riding.” As well as other useful information, including the cost of mud baths.

I have visited Zelenogradsk and found that for 100 years this pretty little town has not changed. The same strong wave, the same refreshing fragrance of pine and spruce forests. Physicians and pharmacies become more – progress is evident! Boat riding has, apparently, been canceled. Unprofitable. Buy inflatable boats and ride on your own.

And it also seemed to me that in the city there is no hand of the master. The seal of neglect is present almost everywhere. The town does not exactly match the western standards for the resort. The photo of “Yard with socks” is a symbolic image of this city. Due to the lack of comfort and affordable prices, many residents of Kaliningrad prefer to spend their holidays in Germany, Poland and Egypt. I, frankly speaking, still hope that things in Zelenogradsk will change for the better. And then I would have no doubts regarding the place to spend the next summer.

The gorgeous promenade of Zelenogradsk has the worst enemy – Baltic piercing wind.
After the promenade there begin several miles of sandy beach.
Hotel Sambia at the shore of Baltic Sea.
Restaurant Monopol at Volodarskogo street.
Oktyabr'skaya street.
In the Alley of Friendship next to the sea, there is a well-room “Queen Louise” with free mineral water “Zelenogradskaya”.
Over there, at the Alley of Friendship, instead of the expected Prussian-German cuisine, Zelenogradsk offers the Uzbek cuisine. Cafe “East” is globalization and migration in one bottle.
The path to the sea at the Alley of Friendship is blocked by a fence.
Moskovskaya street.
Water tower built in 1904. At the end of October 2012 it was reported in the news that they will open a hotel room in that 40 meter tower.
Orthodox Church of the Lord's Transfiguration. Before the war – a Lutheran church of St. Adalbert. Laid down on 23 August 1896, consecrated on 5 November 1897.
Yard with socks.
Baltyiskaya street.
The luxurious house in the Tkachenko street. The street is named in honor of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Guards Lieutenant Ivan Filippovich Tkachenko perished on 18 April 1945 in the vicinity of Cranz.
And this is – seen in its time the house in front. Waiting for the developer to erect a high-rise building in its place.
Railway station in Zelenogradsk. In summer a lot of suburban trains come here from Kaliningrad. Journey time is 35-45 minutes.

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