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Margarita Island

Tiwy.com, Rem Sapozhnikov - January-February 2003

Departure from La Guaira.
The Ferry Lilia Concepcion.

Inside the Conferry where the cars are.
» Colonia Tovar (28)
» The district of Chacao (16)
» Trip to Higerote (11)
» Parque del Este (44)
» The centre of Caracas (16)
» Parque Central (17)
» Gran Toma de Caracas (14)
» El Avila National Park (15)
» The opposition (22)
» Margarita Island (55)
» Simon Bolivar (9)
» El Hatillo and other (9)
» Souvenir shops (5)
» Subway of Caracas (5)
Temprano en la maana en Margarita. Vista del balcon del hotel en Porlamar. The early morning on the Margarita.
The hotel balcony view in Porlamar.
The flower near the pool.

Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo The castle of San Carlos de Borromeo.
The castle was protecting the bay of Pampatar. It was built between 1664 and 1684 and it was the most important one on Margarita Island.

  .      . The Cape of the Devil. (Punta el Diablo.)
The hills El Morro.
It is here that Russian artist Nicolas Ferdinandov worked.
A very beautiful place in spite of the name.

Large photo
The view from the hill on the Cape of the Devil.

Hotel Dynasty. Yo nunca me alojaria aqui: hacen demasiadas preguntas... The hotel Dynasty. I would not stay there: they lure too much

The small village El Tirano and its suburbia.

Playa El Agua El Agua Beach El Agua Beach El Agua Beach El Agua Beach is Margaritas longest, widest, busiest and most serviced beach.

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Hotel Hesperia Isla Margarita Hotel Hesperia Isla Margarita

The big shots from all over the world have taken fancy to the romantic bays and gulfs of the island.

Fortin de La Galera The fort Galera. It was built in 1811 by the provisional Government of Margarita.

Below the bay Galera view and the town of Juan Griego.

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Vista a la bahia de Juangriego y a la ciudad Juangriego

Idyllic scenes.

Basilica San Nicolas de Bari Boulevard Guevara, boulevard Gomez in Porlamar.
Basillica of San Nicolas de Bari.

Los Robles.
Margarita became famous for the pearls found off its shores.

Fortin Espaa «
Large photo
The fort Spain. (Fortin Espaa)

Is located on a hill outside of Santa Ana and protected the road form Juan Griego to La Asuncion.

Castillo Santa de Rosa The fortress Santa Rosa is still under repair.

The fortress is Located in the capital La Asuncion. Its construction was initiated in 1667 and it was finished in 1683.

Avenida Santiago Mario Avenida 4 de Mayo Avenida 4 de Mayo The city of Porlamar.
The avenues Santiago Marino and 4 de Mayo

Maria Guevara's Teats Maria Guevaras Breast (Las Tetas de Maria Guevara.)
A pair of twin hills that rise to 135m.

Laguna La Restinga National Park Laguna La Restinga National Park Laguna La Restinga National Park

I traveled on these ferries as well.

Punta de Piedras. The embankment view. Punta de Piedras. The embankment view.

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