Hotels of Oruro, Rem Sapozhnikov
February 2008
If compared to European prices, those in Bolivia do not go beyond the limit. So this is the fascination of Bolivia for a Russian tourist: the main thing is to get there, and it won't be expensive to wander about its spaces.

In Oruro there are hotels to any tastes, but one should introduce a correction to local traditions, as Bolivians – are a nation that is not spoiled by comfort and is satisfied with little. It is more difficult with meals. «McDonalds», as well as other fast-food points that usually come to traveller's help have not yet reached Oruro. One has to do with dry food, improvise, but always keeping in mind the sanitary. Anything that is normal for a Bolivian, for a mollycoddled European, even in the Russian version, threatens by stomach complications.

It is not true for Bolivian beer. It is always reliable! That is why, if you come across a bar named «Batucas», drop in and order a pint of local beer «Huari» and relax, enjoying the cool drink.

Hostal Hidalgo. Some rooms do not have conveniences – they are at the floor.

Hotel corridor.
Room (with conveniences).

Visiting card of some hotels in Oruro:

Hotel Palace ***

Gran Hotel Galaxia ***

Hotel Kiswara
Residencial Terminal

Situated opposite the bus station.

International Park Hotel

Situated above the bus station Oruro.

Continuation :
Map of Oruro

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