Sanctuary of the Virgin of Socavon (Oruro, Bolivia), Rem Sapozhnikov
February 2008
This place in Oruro can be considered famous and most visited. In front of the 19th century church there is a Folklore square (Plaza del Folklore). Behind the church there rises a mountain with a colourful, but unclear name Rooster's leg (Pie de Gallo).

The Virgin of Socavon patronizes miners, therefore in this town and its suburbs there are no such residents, who wouldn't honour her from the bottom of their heart! In the outhouse (to the right) of the church there is an Ethnographic Museum of miners (Museo Minero) that is open from Monday through Saturday from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00; on Sundays the timetable is the same though the Museum opens one hour earlier.

Variants of panoramic photos of the Folklore square and Sanctuary of the Virgin of Socavon:

One can feel a powerful Bolivian charge in the monument to miners: they not only can sweat their guts out but, if needed, with a rifle in hand stand for their rights. This is the place, to my mind, whence leaders like Evo Morales emerge.

Capitalist predators-bloodsuckers should be put on a short leash so that not to be too kin on “exploitation of man by man”. I came to such a conclusion standing at this heroic monument. From somewhere I recollected the words of comrade Mao: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”. But I shall desist from development of this topic, as I am a traveller-photographer, but not a self-taught revolutionary.

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