Churches of Potosi, Rem Sapozhnikov
February 2008
There are a lot of churches in Potosi. I took pictures of some of them.

Santa Teresa.

Compañia de Jesus (Torre).

Iglesia San Francisco.

Convento Santa Monica.

Iglesia San Bernando.

Iglesia San Sebastian.

Iglesia Santo Domingo.

Iglesia San Lorenzo.

Iglesia Jerusalem.

Iglesia San Benito.

Al Apostol Potosino.
Fray Vicente Bernedo.

Iglesia San Agustin.

Quijarro street next to the San Agustin church.

Casa del Conde de Otavi.

The rear part of Potosi Cathedral.

This is not a church, this is a theater.
Theater Modesto Omiste.

Continuation :
Potosi streets

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