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Guatemala City

Rem Sapozhnikov, Tiwy.com (2004)

Guatemala-City (in Spanish Ciudad de Guatemala) is the grandest city in the Central America. More than 3 million people live there. The notoriety for the high criminal rate in the capital keeps tourists off and the prefer not to stay long in Guate, as it is nicknamed by the Guatemalans, and go directly to Tikal, Antigua, Chichicastenango and other places where it is more safe in terms of security.

Guate is situated on the hill (1,5 km above the sea), that is why the atmospheric temperature is quite comfortable in the capital 23 to 24 degrees Centigrade
Palacio Nacional The Presidential Palace is open for visits.

The city is divided into 21 zones. The historical centre is situated in the 1st zone.

The Presidential Palace, Plaza Mayor, The Cathedral, the National Library, the biggest folk handiwork market, the main post office all these can be found in the so-called Central Park.
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La Catedral metropolitana The Cathedral of the city.

The shopping street at Central square. Street episode.

Nearly 50% of the Indian population of Guatemala is illiterate.
This woman belongs to another 50%.

Miguel Angel Asturias The monument to the Guatemalan literary classic Miguel Angel Asturias, the Lenin laureate (1966) and the Nobel laureate (1967).

The entrance to the main cemetery of the capital. Juan Jacobo Arbenz (1951-1954) The grave of progressive president Jacobo Arbenz (1951-1954). The bronze plate on the gravestone.

Arco famoso del Correo Central The view to the arch of the National Post Office (the main post office). A back street in the historic centre of Guatemala-City.

Roberto Gonzalez Goiry es el autor de estas magnificas obras. Embossment of the business part of the capital (Centro Civico).

The author of these talented works is Roberto Gonzalez Goyri.

The Square of Human Rights. The sculpture on the square of Italy.

The building of the city market.

Guachiman Guachiman Guachiman There is its own security guard in every shop
(Guachiman, in Guatemalan).

It is by the garments that the Indians get to know where their tribesmen come from. "The USA Empire" is in crisis: everything is half the price.

The bright Guatemala buses zoomed differently.

Several tangerines for a quetzal is not a high price. Cinema "Tikal" shows Hollywood movies.

The monument to the police general at the police administration building.

The ancient hotel "Royal Palace" is situated on the 6th avenue of the historic centre. There is no Internet access for clients yet, no conditioning and breakfast is not included, but it is always clean and cosy there. There is a good restaurant and bar at the hotel.

The church of San Francisco.
The view from the hotel "Royal Palace".

The street merchant. At the approach to the Central market.

The modern shopping malls during the Christmas days.

... The hotels Holiday Inn and "Grand Tikal Futura" conform to their star rate.

The carnival procession.

The architecture relics of the past.
The Church of St. Guadelupe and the ancient aqueduct.

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