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The town of Flores (department of Peten) is situated on the island in the centre of lake Peten Itza, that is connected with the “continent” by a narrow human-made neck of land. It is paved with asphalt and it takes no trouble to get to the island that is heavily packed with low dwelling houses, whose dwellers are specialized in tourist servicing. In Flores there are decent hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and souvenir shops. On the Peten Itza shore once there was Maya fortress town Tayasal. In 1679, two centuries from the commencement of the invasion of America the fortress was conquered by Spanish conquistadors. The Tayasal fall dropped the curtain to the Maya Empire existence.
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The quite waters of lake Peten Itza.

Mayan Princess.
The Maya symbol is actively employed for commercial purposes.

The town of Flores in wait for the tourist buses.

The hotel "Isla de Flores" (Island of Flowers) is one of the best. The hotel “Peten Esplendido” is situated in the town of Samt Benito, that in fact is a part of Flores, its “foothold” on the “continent”. It is from here that many tourists start their “conquista” of the Tikal pyramids, one of the most ancient centres of the Maya Empire.

The international airport "General Anacleto Maza Castellanos" is situated in the town of Santa Elena, just 3 km from Flores. It takes about half an hour of a pleasant high road journey in the outlandish selva to get from Tikal to Flores.

This Guatemalan bird has studied through the tourist psychology and is always up to fly.

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