A walk around Rybinsk without a compass

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Bus station. It is better to go to Yaroslavl from the train station, buses run there every half an hour. Photo of 2012.
Rybinsk watchtower was built in 1912, its height is 48 meters. One of the most famous structures of Rybinsk. Photo of 2003.
Boulevard street with views of the watchtower. Photo of 2003.
Cafe on Stoyalaia street. They used to serve good food there 10 years ago. How it is now – no data. Photo of 2003.
Cafe on Stoyalaia street. Internal entourage. It smells of delicious solyanka. Photo of 2003.
House of Artists. Photo of 2012.
Artists' House in a different light. Photo of 2012.
This hut on Lunacharsky street has Internet. Photo of 2013.
Entertainment center Joker. Photo of 2012.
The Catholic Church. Photo of 2012.
Road sign – “Caution: Basilio cats are plotting something”. Photo of 2012.
The Square between Lenin Prospect and Rapov street. Photo of 2008.
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Transfiguration lane. The building is a former kindergarten. Photo of 2012.
Another view of Transfiguration lane Photo of 2012.
Hay-Central Market /Sennoy Rynok/ of Rybinsk. Photo of 2004.
Hypnotizer cat, or Great feline patience. Photo of 2013.
Patience is rewarded – a good saleswoman gave a treat to the cat, in which traces of street fights are seen. Photo of 2013.
Shop "ShikaDam" - the epicenter of Rybinsk glamour. Photo of 2012.
The Rybinsk State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum. Photo of 2009.
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Stoyalaya street. Photo of 2003.
Rybinsk brewery "Bohemia". Photo of 2012.
In 1879, Rybinsk merchant Ivan Durdin built a large brewery across the river Cheremukha, and became known as the “beer king of province”. The author of the project was the St. Petersburg architect V.F. Hecker.

In the late XIX - early XX centuries production of “Bohemia” swept not only the Rybinsk market, but was successfully sold in Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Bezhetsk and other cities. After the revolution of 1917 the brewery was one of the first to be nationalized. The brewery continues to operate to this day (Rybinsk Brewery JSC). This is a modern brewery, equipped with the latest German equipment. Brewery address: Rabochaia street 48, Rybinsk. It is located just in a 5 minutes walk from the bus station.

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