Hotels of La Paz, Bolivia

Rem Sapozhnikov / February 2008
El Rey Palace Hotel
«El Rey Palace» hotel with four honest stars is situated at a calm 20 de Octubre, street No. 1947.

Absence of the last two letters on the hotel sign had no effect at all at its service. The staff was attentive and efficient. Everything was spick-and-span, the restaurant gave quite decent food. Standard breakfast was included in the room rent, but for more substantial «filling» you have to pay extra. The people that stay here are at the middle class level, quite adequate to an average Russian traveller, who is not seeking cheapness to the detriment of elementary comfort.

Internet is free in the hotel, there is also Wi-Fi. The hotel does not have its own taxi service and uses the services of friendly transport firms.

El Rey Palace Hotel

El Rey Palace Hotel El Rey Palace Hotel El Rey Palace Hotel

Some other hotels of La Paz:

Radisson Plaza Hotel, La Paz, Bolivia
Radisson Plaza Hotel
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Hotel Madre Tierra
Hotel el Dorado, La Paz, Bolivia
Hotel el Dorado
Hotel Europa, La Paz, Bolivia
Hotel Europa
Hotel Plaza, La Paz, Bolivia
Hotel Plaza
Hotel Copacabana
Hotel Copacabana
Hostal Ingavi, La Paz, Bolivia
Hostal Ingavi
Hotel Alem, La Paz, Bolivia
Hotel Alem
La Posada de la abuela, La Paz, Bolivia
Posada de la abuela
Hotel Torino, La Paz, Bolivia
Hotel Torino

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Map of La Paz

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