Calle Jaen, La Paz, Bolivia

Rem Sapozhnikov / February 2008
An attractive Jaen street surely leads in concentration of museums per «square meter» in La Paz. It is included in all guide books about the Bolivian capital by chance: on it and nearby there is quite a big number of museums to any taste.

Museo Costumbrista and Museo de Metales Preciosos these are history museums of Bolivia, its rise in the period of mining of countless quantity of silver, and fall – after the the minefields were exhausted and plundered.

Dramatic events connected with loss of Bolivia access to the Pacific ocean are depicted in shocking by its truth documents and photos (daguerreotypes) museum exposition «Bolivian littoral» («Litoral Boliviano»).

Block pavement of Jaen, although renewed, still remembers the energetic steps of Pedro Domingo Murillo, who declared the independence of the country. His House-museum – is a sacred place for all Bolivians. Every citizen of Bolivia at least once visited it.

History of the country as though stopped dead in stone on Jaen.
It is just mandatory to touch it to understand Bolivians and their aspirations.

Bolivian musical instruments also have their own museum.

The most popular restaurant on Jaen is a «bohemian spot» called «Soho». Recognized «masters of art», «mentors» practically do not come here, but writers, poets, artists and all other unrecognised geniuses of Bolivia with pleasure sit for hours in «Soho», paying no attention to unpresentable furniture and frayed décor. For them it is the creative communication, discussion of the emergent «genius ideas», realisation of which promises the world over glory and uncountable riches – that is more important.

In the vicinity of Jaen:

Church on Pichincha street.

I'm sure, someone will surely ask a question, why at so seemingly promising street there are almost no people. That day the streets of La Paz were not crowded. I made photos on Sunday evening. Monday is ahead, working weekdays... Maybe this is the explanation?

Alto de la Alianza street.

Ethnography and Folklore Museum.

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