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Down the roads of Venezuela: Rush to Puerto Ayacucho

Across Llanos - Tiwy.com (July 2005)

Puerto Ayacucho says farewell with rain.
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Crossing No.1:

Another crossing of Orinoco.
Waiting for a «chalana», as a rule, is not long – 20-30 minutes.

Line for crossing: left bank – right bank.
Flat landscapes of the state Apure.

Crossing No.2:

Bridges in the state Apure are evidently not enough. They are being built for years, rusty poles sticking out of the water are evidence to it. Crossing over Cinaruco.

Waiting for a ferry is smoothed over by local scenes, flora and fauna.

Sticker on the bus: «If God is with me – then who is against me?»

The state Apure – is an agricultural state, its all life is concentrated along the river banks.

Sunday morning of an anonymous village at the river: dominoes, which enjoys equal popularity in Venezuela as baseball.

Police inspection.

Selling corn cakes-cachapas (photo above).

Another «chalana». (photo below)


A group of kayaking amateurs heads for Puerto Ayacucho.

Peaceful scenes of the Venezuelan llanos.

Llanero – Venezuelan cowboys.

Roadside monument to Marisela – heroine of the famous Venezuelan writer Romulo Gallegos novel «Doña Barbara».

View to the river Apure.

Monuments in the city San Fernando de Apure, capital of the state.

Another charge of tropical shower.


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