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Down the roads of Venezuela: Rush to Puerto Ayacucho

Magic world of Amazonia - Tiwy.com (July 2005)

Hotel «Amazonas» is one of the best in Puerto Ayacucho. Maximum of tropic comfort!
» Amazonas state
» Road to the state Amazonas (38)
» Magic world of Amazonia (56)
» Across Llanos (50)

The state Amazonas depicted in artistic manner of local artists of «naiffe» school.

Social and political life in Puerto Ayacucho boils over. Youth is for Chavez: he does not spare petrodollars for free education, health service and reasonable accommodation.

Edgildo Palau

The state Amazonas is often referred to as a «magic land». Ads do not lie!

From the airport «Cacique Aramare» you can get to the remotest villages of Venezuelan Puerto Ayacucho.

This artist offers his canvases to foreign tourists for twenty years.

One of the main attractions and symbols of Puerto Ayacucho - «House on a rock» (La Casa de la piedra).

Cosy motel «Miramar». The rooms better to be booked in advance.

The monument to General Sucre – favourite fellow-fighter of Liberador Simon Bolivar. Local sculptor seems to have a bad eye. Either the sculpture is too small or something is wrong with the pedestal...

On the way to petroglyphs of ancient inhabitants of Amazonia.

Modern Indian settlements.

Campamento Orinoquia Campamento Orinoquia Tourist camp «Orinoquia» is geting ready to «summer season». Amateur fishermen from all over the world group together here

Campamento Orinoquia

Roadside subjects:
Entrance to the cemetery named after Hitchcock.
In search of illusions of Puerto Ayacucho country.
World of Indian huts.

Lure to tourists: «Tobogan de la Selva» - nature-made attraction in 25 km from Puerto Ayacucho.

River ports Samariapo and Venado pursue their own life. On the opposite bank of Orinoco – Columbia!

At the outskirts of Puerto Ayacucho.

Commercial river fleet of Venezuela.

Buy lemons, they are sweet!

The monument to an Indian hunter in Puerto Ayacucho.

Puerto Ayacucho «Broadway» in sunny and rainy days.

President Chavez – is a people's leader.


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