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Down the roads of Venezuela: Rush to Puerto Ayacucho

Road to the state Amazonas - Tiwy.com (July 2005)

Llano Petrol Fantastical mountains in San Juan de los Morros.
Filled up at "Llano Petrol" and off you go!
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A township of Cabruta A township of Cabruta at the left bank of Orinoco. We need the right one. Waiting for a ferry.

Cabruta dogs enjoy siesta: laws of daytime sleep. Election propaganda. Local governor knows: take the picture close to the President and you may say that elections are yours.

Traffic at Orinoco today is so-so. No traffic jams. Snack bar with a strange name Los Sacrificios (Victims). We hope that it does not refer to hungry travellers, who dared to step into this house.

Rainbow over Orinoco.
To the state Bolivar across Orinoco.

Why don't they meet or Even the younger generation of Venezuela understand what comfort is.

Rainy morning in Caicara de Orinoco.

Nicola from local municipality promisses the people all riches of the world, even the bridge across Orinoco Hotel and disco Miami in Caicara de Orinoco. Local dream about distant and fairy cities of the superpower.

Caicara de Orinoco during rain resembles our towns, such as Mudsborough (Griazovets), Mouseville (Myshkin) or Hereship (Tutaev).

Only 332 km remained to Puerto Ayacucho, capital of the state Amazonas.

    In the rain taking Polar beer. Dull day in expectation of holiday. Hey, my friend, come! Taste the shashlik!

House for romantics in Guayana jungle is on rent. Over there, behind the mountain, is Puerto Ayacucho! Stock-farm "Maipure I".

  :  ! Subject of the plot: find a dog! Blank day in "Las Guabinas" restaurant.

Guayana is the richest store of minerals in Venezuela. Just like our Siberia.

      Typical landscape between the states Bolivar and Amazonas. It is pleasant, when at the border, you are greeted by the governor himself, being a local and the Indian!


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