Mist around Obrador

April 12, 2005
Recently the US president G. Bush has all of a sudden included Mexico in the list of countries that “cause concern” of Washington. Of all the things, why? It is because of 2006 presidential elections in Mexico, and, as of today, Mexico City Mayor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, representing the left party of Democratic revolution and who is frequently compared with the Venezuelan Chavez is the most preferable candidate.

And now, as if acting by orders, the representatives of the right parties in the Mexican Congress, simultaneously voted to strip Obrador of his official immunity. Now the charges will be brought against him in ignoring of the court decision, which happened during settling a minor land dispute related to metropolitan civil construction.

The Congress decision spread mist around the Mayor's position. It appeared, that the law does not say whether he remains in his post or automatically dismissed, or just temporarily dismissed.

There are chances that by the court decision Obrador may be arrested and sent to jail. In case he is convicted, Obrador will lose his right to run for the presidency in 2006.

Everybody knows in Mexico, that the Prosecutor general depends on the president Vicente Fox and carries out the “order of power”. When Obrador learned the results of voting in the Congress he himself declared: ”They judge me not because I 've broken the law but for my way of thinking and because I give voice to the aspirations of majority of the Mexicans”.