Houses in Myshkin, Yaroslavl region / 2003-2012, 2015
Of course Myshkiners still have a lot to do to make their town a high class tourist attraction. They still lack pavements, asphalt on central streets, bright colours in appearance of their houses and buildings. But all that can be achieved and who knows, may be in 10 years Myshkin will have frequent guests from France, Germany, USA, Mexico, Argentina and even Australia and New Zeland. Way to go!
In Myshkin people know how to have fun. By the way, what it is - "competitive entertaining game Mister Myshkin"? 2012.
In a residential area of Myshkin. Photo 2011.
House of carver Borisov.
Viktor Borisov bought an unremarkable house in 1980 and completely rebuilt it. Appeared turret-svetelka and carved decorations across the facade - the house became a fine example of "Smirnoff" style, almost forgotten in Myshkin. Photo 2003.
House of the carver V.A.Borisov in a different foreshortening. 2011.
House of children's creativity, or nostalgia for the old Myshkin. 2012.
House of children's creativity, thank God, was not privatized. 2012.
Kulagin's house. The owner has successfully treated townspeople patients and was loved by Myshkiners. 2012.
Kulagin's house. 2012.
House of Prayer. 2003.
Myshkin «Rublevka». 2012.
Nice example of old urban architecture. 2012.
Shop «LenOK». 2011.
Point of Sale "Little Mouse" /Myshonok/. 2003.
View to Opochininskya Library. 2011.
Opochininskya Library. 2011.
The most popular restaurant in the town is the Mousetrap. Photo 2011. We strongly encourage you to visit it, especially since there will be treated with free cheese, which, as the saying goes, is only in a mousetrap.
Photo 2015.
Wooden lace of pre-revolutionary past. 2011.
Tchistovs mansion. 2011.
Here live the admirers of the rock group «Alisa». Photo 2012.
Mouse, who won first prize «Miss Myshka» at the Yaroslavl province. 2012.
This is the only house in the town which is decorated with brought from outside wood engraving style. In Kostroma style it was decorated by carver Bazhenov. Photo 2015.
Monument to Lenin in Myshkin. 2011. Restoring the pre-revolutionary past of Myshkin, the citizens are not in a hurry to cross the Soviet era.
The monument to Lenin was delicately moved from the Cathedral of the Assumption to the House of Culture. The authorities of Myshkin deserve special respect for their wisdom. Photo 2015.
Photo 2015.

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