Cathedral of the Assumption in Myshkin, Yaroslavl region / 2003-2012, 2015
Myshkin has always been an orthodox Christian town. Dormition Cathedral (Assumption Cathedral) constructed in 1805-1820 is an architectural and spiritual centre of Myshkin town. Though for a long time the cathedral was abandoned and neglected. But in recent years it was renewed, its walls and domes were refreshed. Now its gate is open for believers and tourists who have an opportunity to enjoy the view of the town from the cathedral bell-tower.
Cathedral of the Assumption in anticipation of repair. Photo 2003.
Indelible marks of time on the ancient walls. 2003.
Even in a dilapidated Cathedral were service. 2003.
Eight years later, the interior of the Cathedral has not undergone any changes. 2011.
View of the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Assumption. 2011.
Free access to the observation deck is not allowed. 2012.
Bulletin board of the Assumption Cathedral. 2011.
Schedule of Services. Photo 2012.
Photo 2015.
The staircase inside the bell tower of the Cathedral. Photo 2015.
Photo 2015.
Photo 2015.
View of the Volga river from the bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral. 2015.
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Photo 2015.
Icon of the Mother Church /Skorbyashchenskaya/, built in 1866. 2003.
Chapel Florus And Laurus. Photo 2012.

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