Ferry across the Volga in Myshkin, Yaroslavl region

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Myshkin has been admiring itself in the reflection of Volga river for more than three centuries. To get to the opposite bank of the river one would need to use a modest ferryboat. Of course it is quite poetic. But at the same time you feel shameful for the disable authorities. You cannot fail to recall that we live in the XXI century. Automobiles are everywhere! They come from everywhere! Trucks and cars! Civilization in the form of road bridge (dozens of such bridges are constructed in China every year) once should come to the banks of Myshkin town.
Panorama of Myshkin and a river dock. Photo 2011.
The ferry, ferry, left bank, right bank of ... Photo 2003.
Romance of Volga expanses and a sky blue. Photo 2003.
Where shall we go? Photo 2003.
Car rarity. Like the "Buran" was sold in the U.S. at a reasonable price. 2003.
Waiting for the ferry landing. Smog from forest fires got to the Upper Volga. Photo 2010.
By and large, this is a sad picture. Deja vu 50-ies of the last century. Photo 2011.
All the way from shore to shore takes 10 - 15 minutes maximum. Photo 2003.
Myshkin shore on the horizon . Photo 2003.
Motor vessel "Mikhail Lomonosov" is in a hurry to Myshkin. Photo 2010.
"You Muscovites? - Asked the seagull. - Again, you want something to privatize on the bank of the Volga? ". Photo 2011.
The fare will be charged according to the weight of the car. Photo 2011.
There is a time to reflect on his own, cherished. For example, about gift business expansion to Tutaev, Rybinsk and Poshekhonye. Photo 2011.
- Skirts? No, never heard of.
Citizens don't tilt the ship! We can roll over! Photo 2011.
On a deserted Volga occasionally you can still see something floating in an unknown direction.
Here, for example, bunkering tanker "Vyatka-21", built in 1990. Photo 2011.
Oligarchs at abeam of Myshkin. 2012.
Above the eternal rest No. 1. Northern view of the Volga river. 2012.
Above the eternal rest No. 2. Southern view of the Volga river. 2012.

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