Souvenirs from Myshkin, Yaroslavl region / 2003-2012
No one leaves Myshkin empty-handed. Many townsmen produce souvenirs with enthusiasm. It became a profitable family business involving all generations. But how amazing they are doing this! Creativity of Myshkiners is overwhelming. Tiny mice figures (hundreds and thousands of them!) vary in form and content. Some create products in the spirit of romantism or sentimentalism, some are inspired by socialist realism but it is always a touching and sincere “mouse cult”.
If you carefully scrutinize, among the mice are quite ominous instances. 2003.
ДWhy in the sweet company of mice wormed this suspicious "yaponchik" in black glasses? 2003.
Mice walk rhombus. 2003.
Queen of the Mouse Kingdom. 2003.
Just look at first: so many souvenirs here! 2011.
These mice love all: and grandmothers and grandfathers, and even accountants! 2011.
I find hard to choose the cutest mouse in the front row. So please, wrap all! 2011.
Many sellers of souvenirs from Myshkin got rich and became dollar millionaires. 2011.
Here you can buy a scarf and socks of dog hair.
Author's works in the range. Not every Rodin is able to sculpt a mouse of convincing appearance. 2011.
Some Myshkin's masters are even photographed for the glamorous calendars. 2011.
Souvenirs ecstasy. 2011.

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