Museums of Myshkin, Yaroslavl region / 2003-2012
Myshkin can be proud of the fact that the amount of museums per square kilometer of its territory can compete with major Russian cities. There are a lot of sights to see in Myshkin, both informative and entertaining. Visiting museums can be a one big adventure. Mice sculptures as high as a man become alive and this is not the only surprise that make tourists to keep their eyes open.
Go right, go left - everywhere you will find some museum. 2003.
Mouse Museum. 2003.
This Museum 8 years later. 2011.
The best mice are from the museum: they do not run and do not squeak. 2003.
Mice from all over the world dream to visit this museum at least once in their life. 2003.
In the museums of Myshkin are always "sold out"! 2011.
The range of goods of Myshkin's merchants was poorer than in the "Auchan". 2011.
But such a rich choice of hardware "Auchan" definitely don't have. 2011.
Corner of pre-revolutionary Myshkin. Lepota! 2011.
On the way to the "Dolls Gallery". 2011.
Another suspicious fat cat from Myshkin. 2011.
Museum "Russian valenki". 2011.
"Myshgorod" (Mousetown). Cats entrance is strictly by passes. 2011.
If you get lost, "Plan of Мышкинский national museum complex" will help you find your way home. 2011.
The unique composition: «Pussy Kisski». 2011.
Tourist Complex "Myshkin House" (aka "Palace of Mice"). 2011.
"Myshkin House" is closed for mice inventory. 2011.

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