Forts of Kaliningrad / February 2011, June 2012
This material was added to the site after the two new trips to Kaliningrad in 2011 and 2012.

Big fort ring around Koenigsberg was created in 1870. The ring includes 12 large forts and 3 intermediate fortifications, located at a distance of 6-7 km from the rampart bypass. The total length of the ring is more than 50 km.

With the formation of the fort belt, Koenigsberg has become the most powerful fortress in Germany. According to the classification, it belongs to the first category. Each fort had an account number, and since 1884 they were given the names of famous Prussian military leaders and kings.

By the beginning of 1920 it became clear that the fort type of the fortress has become obsolete due to the development of military technology. The fort held its first and the last fight in January-April 1945 during the battle of Koenigsberg.

More about the fort ring read below in the photo of exhibition stand from Fort No.5.

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Fort No. 4 - Gneisenau

Fort No. 5 - Friedrich Wilhelm III

I visited fort No. 5 in June 2012. It is located in the north-west of the city next to the circular road. You can get there by 36 bus, which runs through the city. For example, you can board at the South Station, at the hotel “Kaliningrad”, opposite the shopping center “Mayak”, in front of the monument to “Mother Russia”, near the zoo, at Leonov street.

The needed station is called Fort No. 5. Additional landmark can be a stelae with the inscription “Kaliningrad” at the entrance to the city, which is at the photo below.

Fort is open from 11:00 to 20:00 daily.

All images can be clicked for a closer view.

Sign at the entrance to Kaliningrad.
The path from the bus stop to the fort.
Monument in memory of the storming of the fort No. 5.

On the plates are the names of 15 soldiers, who were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Senior Lieutenant Babushkin R.R.
Senior Lieutenant Nyrkov G.M.
Lieutenant Zhabiev M.A.O.
Sergeant Kondrutsky A.I.
Private Dvorsky I.I.
Senior Lieutenant Tkachenko I.I.
Lieutenant Sidorov I.P.
Junior Lieutenant Ishkinin I.I.
Junior Sergeant Salamakha A.M.
Private Polupanov V.K.
Sergeant Major Merenkov P.I.
Sergeant Major Shubin A.P.
Staff Sergeant Malygin G.A.
Sergeant Kurasov V.M.
Private Chirkov F.T.

Heroes of storming the fort No. 5. This stand is located inside the fort.
Frozen here in the stone are
Deadly moments of attacks
Requital courage has burned
both concrete and metal
Descendants will read
on the pages
In this stone book
Of courage of those
who defended the freedom
of country
Panoramic view. Fort is surrounded by water moat 20-25m wide and a depth of 3-5m.
This fort was one of the major strongholds of Koenigsberg fortress defense. Storm troopers of the 43rd Army on April 6 of 1945 blocked the fort, and on April 8 completed the destruction of its garrison.
Fort description.
The brochure can be purchased at the ticket office.
Entrance ticket.
For photo and video shooting need to buy a special ticket.
Map of Exhibition Grounds.
Inside of the fort.
History of Fort No. 5.
Koenigsberg fortress and its bastions.
Photo of the informational stand with the description of the assault of fort No. 5.
Preparations for the defense of the fortress of Koenigsberg.
Smashed German military equipment of 4th Panzer Army at southwest of Koenigsberg. April 1945.
In one of the rooms of the fort there is an exhibition of photographs of Povilas Karpavicius
Two photos can be viewed below.
Koenigsberg. Spring 1945. Lavochny bridge.
“The Red Army is free from feelings of racial hatred.
It is free from such a humiliating sense because
it has been brought up in the spirit of racial equality and respect
of the rights of other nations.”
Exit to courtyard from the fort.
Feline commandant of the fort.
The upper floors of the fort are well hidden in the trees.
Photo for memory.

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Museum Embankment

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