Monuments in Kaliningrad / February 2010, February 2011, June 2012
In Kaliningrad, the debates on whether to rename the city are constantly emerging. There are supporters of a "return" to the historical name of Koenigsberg, there are enthusiasts of the name Krulevets, and some offer Baltograd. But, thank God, the common sense prevails so far, and Kaliningrad retains its name that was won in the toughest battles of March-April 1945. Mikhail Kalinin could be at peace about the strength of his pedestal.

The monument to Mikhail Kalinin, in whose honor the city of Kaliningrad has its name since 1946
The monument to Mikhail Kalinin, in whose honor the city of Kaliningrad has its name since 1946.
The monument to M. Kalinin is erected in 1959 next to the South Railway station in Kaliningrad.
One of the memorials to warriors of the Great Patriotic War.
Eternal Flame.
Monument of Glory to Baltic seamen.
By May 9, 2010 it had been repaired, but now, in February 2010, it looks neglected.
Does Homeland remember?
The pedestal on which the torpedo boat should stand.
June 2012. Torpedo Boat at its place.
The monument to soldiers-internationalists.
The monument to soldiers-internationalists is located in the Yunost’ (Youth) park of culture and recreation.
The monument to Special Forces soldiers, killed in the line of duty.
The monument to Special Forces soldiers is also located in the Yunost’ (Youth) park.
The monument to Conquerors of Space
The monument to Conquerors of Space.
Also known as a monument to "Fellow-astronauts" and "Conquerors of the near universe".
Leonov Alexey Arkhipovich.
Patsayev Viktor Ivanovich.
Romanenko Yuri Victorovitch.
The monument to Fridrich Shiller. Located opposite the Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theatre.
Schiller monument was cast in bronze and installed on the site in 1910. Author - German sculptor Stanislaus Cauer.
“Fighting Bisons”, 1911. Author - German sculptor August Gaul.
The monument to Peter I ("To Founder of the Russian Navy") at the headquarters of the Baltic Fleet. Sculptor Lev Efimovich Kerbel.
The monument to Alexander Pushkin.
Kaliningrad poets often gather here.
The monument to A. Pushkin is located at the intersection of Leonov and Tchaikovsky streets.
The monument to the pilots of the Normandie-Niemen
Commemorative plaque in honor of the French squadron "Normandie-Niemen".
Picture taken in June 2012.
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Alexander Marinesko. Picture taken in June 2012.
Monument to Marshal Aleksandr Vasilevsky. Picture taken in June 2012.
"During the assault and capture of the fortress city Koenigsberg in April 6-9 of 1945 Soviet soldiers-tankers had shown unprecedented heroism. This tank T-34 is a direct participant of the battle for the city. Now it's mounted on a pedestal as a sign of worship Kaliningradians to heroic tankmen."

Tank monument is located on the street Gen. Sommer. Picture taken in June 2012.
Memorial on the site of a mass grave where are buried 260 soldiers who died in the combat during the capture of the city.The monument was erected in 1952, the memorial complex (architect E.P. Tronin) was opened in 1971. Located on the Kievskaya street in the Baltic district of Kaliningrad near the cinema "Rodina" (No. 71-73).
Photo 2012.
People! As long as the hearts are knocking – remember! What's the price to win your happiness, remember!
Photo 2011.
This monument was erected by the funds from the scrap metal, collected by Pioneers of Baltic disctrict.
«Here are buried Soviet soldiers who died a heroic death in the storming of the city
and fortress Koenigsberg April 9, 1945».
Monument to the Komsomol members in the South Park (formerly Park 40th anniversary of the Komsomol).
Photo 2011.
Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky. Installed in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation. Photo 2011.
Bust of a pioneer Pavlik Morozov.
Installed in the Baltic district in the street that bears his name. Photo 2011.
Something "mysterious", looks like a bank vault, on the banks of the Upper Pond.

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