Snowy streets of Kaliningrad / February 2010
In Kaliningrad, there still exist the areas, where you can feel what was the city like before the Second World War. Ruthless Anglo-American bombings of 1944 and shelling of Koenigsberg during the assault of Soviet troops in April 1945 caused irreparable damage to this, once unique in architectural terms, city. Today's architects are trying to somehow re-create its old fairy-Gothic style, but without much success. Perhaps for this reason, chief architects are often changed in Kaliningrad.
Komsomol'skaya street.
King's Gate. The intersection of Lithuania's Val and Frunze street.
In this house, built in 1899, the city military enlistment office is situated. Hor ....
Down with conscription slavery. Let there be professional army!
Most probably this is a Grig street.
The "Wooden" bridge. It first appeared at this site in 1404. Got its current appearance in 1904.
There is a feeling that since that time the bridge has not been repaired. The funds might have been spent on the construction of someone's cottage.
Hungry ducks and seagulls. If you are in Kaliningrad, feed them with bread.
The Cathedral on the Kant island.
The House of Soviets. Being built since 1974 and could not finish.
Pregolya embankment on the north side of the Kant island.
Pechatnaya ulitsa ("Print street") in the southern part of Kaliningrad.
Baltika Stadium.
Prospect Mira. In the background there is a Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theatre.
Yunost’ (Youth) park.
This is also in the Yunost’ (Youth) park.
Winter fishing on the Upper Pond.
Dimitrova street.
River Pregolya, in the background Fishing village.
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Mosckovskiy prospect (avenue). ↑ Click for detailed view ↑
Prestigious area on the eastern side of the Upper Pond.
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