Museum Embankment / February 2010
In Kaliningrad there is a great place to stroll and visit at any time of year, no matter whether you are a local resident or a tourist. This is the Museum embankment, where research vessel "Vityaz" and "Cosmonaut Victor Patsayev", submarine B-413 are moored and where the Museum of the World Ocean is situated.
Museum Embankment in snowy winter of 2010.
Submarine B-413
Submarine B-413, built in 1969 in Leningrad at the New Admiralty Shipyard. It is in the museum since June 2000. I got the impression that one of the keepers used to serve in the boat and got so attached to it that does not want to part with it.
View from the Museum of the World Ocean of the promenade and a bridge across Pregolya.
Submarine B-413 is to the right.
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Research vessel "Vityaz". Built in Germany in 1939 and launched as the passenger ship "Mars". In December 1945, in reparation the ship passed to Great Britain, and in 1946 to the Soviet Union. From 1949 to 1979, the ship participated in 65 research voyages in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. After the withdrawal from the Navy, the ship for more than 10 years decayed, in the literal sense of the word, until in 1992 it was transferred to the Museum of the World Ocean and began it recovery. One room that was saved without repair best of all “speaks” about the scale of the restoration work.

On July 12, 1994 "Vityaz" stood on eternal anchorage on the Museum Embankment.

Note, that even a cursory inspection will take no less than 1.5 hours!
Exposition inside the research vessel "Vityaz".
Research vessel "Cosmonaut Viktor Patsayev".
The anchor-monument in honor of pioneers of the ocean fishing (1978).
In front of the monument there is a monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker (2009).
The Fish Bucket. Author: Andrew Marz (1924 - 2002).
Any shark in fear will bury itself in the sand at the sight of such a “Fishacop”.
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