Named train No. 30/29 “Yantar”, Kaliningrad - Moscow / February 2010, February 2011
Travel from Moscow to Kaliningrad by train is very exciting. Where else in one night you will enjoy communication with border guards of the 3 countries as much as 4 times!

Each stop at the border lasts 40-45 minutes. If you go from Moscow the order is as follows:

1. Belarusian border guards at the exit from Belarus (Gudogay).
2. A few minutes later the Lithuanian guards at the entry in Lithuania (Kena).
3. In a few more hours again when leaving Lithuania (Kybartai).
4. And then finally Russian ones (Nesterov).

If in the previous two countries the border guards are human beings, in Russia they are biorobots. Exceptions are service dogs, and a governor-customs officer, who was very nice and kindly asked if anybody had more than 3000 dollars and food. Everybody used to carry and eat food, but no one confessed.

In the pictures below you can see how this trip looks like in winter:

"Yantar" is at the Belarusskiy station
"Yantar" is at the Belarusskiy station. Numbering begins from the fifth car. This is the only compartment car in the train.
Vyazma railway station, Russia
Vyazma railway station, Russia. 2011.
Vyazma railway station, Russia. 2011.
Locomotive near the station Vyazma. It was installed here in honor of the glorious revolutionary, military and industrial traditions of Viazemsky railway junction railroadmen . Photo 2011.
Railway station in Smolensk
Railway station in Smolensk, Russia. Photo 2011.
Orsha Station, Belarus
Orsha Station, Belarus.
The steam locomotive-monument P36 at Orsha station, Belarus. Photo 2011.
"Yantar" is at the station in Minsk. There are no border guards between Russia and Belarus.
Locomotive of the Belarusian railway (Belorus Chugunka).
Maladzechna (Molodechno) station, Belarus
Maladzechna (Molodechno) station, Belarus.
Vilnius Railway Station (Lithuania).
Vilnius Railway Station
Vilnius Railway Station. Photo 2011.
Nesterov, the station of communicating with Russian border guards.
Chernyakhovsk station (photos of the winter city can be seen here).
Chernyakhovsk station. Photo 2011.
The steam locomotive-monument in Chernyakhovsk. Photo 2011.
Kaliningrad, Russia. Southern Railway station.
There is not a single soul during the daytime at the Southern station.
"Yantar" is in the Southern Railway station in Kaliningrad.
A few photos for those who have not seen what cars they have in Russian trains.

Corridor of the compartment carriage.
A 4-seat compartment.
Taken at night. The rest of time the toilet paper was in place in the both toilets.

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