Railway stations in Kaliningrad

Tiwy.com / February 2010
In Kaliningrad there are two railway stations: Northern and Southern, as well as a bus terminal. All of them may be helpful for travel to Kaliningrad itself, and for trips to the region.

The buildings of railway stations have remained almost untouched since the Third Reich. Elderly German tourists are gazing at them, wiping their tears. Nostalgia ...
Southern Railway Station of Kaliningrad. It was built from 1920 to 1929.
After the Great Patriotic War, the station was opened in 1949. The last renovation was in 2003. I really liked the station.
From this station the named train "Yantar’" (Amber) departs for Moscow. There are existing routes to Germany, Poland and Lithuania.
If you go out of the Southern Station, turn right and walk just a few meters, you’ll get to the bus terminal of Kaliningrad. From here a lot of buses go to the largest cities of the Kaliningrad region.
The Northern station is another station in Kaliningrad and is situated in the heart of the city. It won’t take you more than an hour to get from there to Zelenogradsk and Svetlogorsk. The station is very small and modest.
The Northern station of Kaliningrad is perfectly disguised. I never saw any signs how to get to it. Local people already know, and tourists are apparently taken for fools. So here's my tip: standing in the Victory Square, take a look at the shopping center of Kaliningrad Passage and go to the arch to the left from the entrance to the store. There, in the yard, there will be a raiway station.
Platform in the Northern railway station in Kaliningrad.
Platform at Northern railway station in Kaliningrad. June 2012.
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Locomotive of serie TE number 858 was installed in gratitude to railway workers who made a great contribution in the reconstruction and development of the economy of the Kaliningrad region in the postwar years. From 1945 to mid-70s it was operated in the Kaliningrad railway. Picture taken in June 2012.
ER2K-697. Someday, these "old men" will be replaced by the modern "Sapsans" (Peregrine Falcons) and resort towns on the coast can be reached in 5 minutes.
Electric train to Zelenogradsk and Pionersky. ER2K-91801. June 2012.
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Northern Station of Kaliningrad in June 2012.
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