Beijing airport. Terminal 3.

October-November 2008
The new Terminal 3 of the Beijing airport is huge, spacious and because of this, it seemed half-empty to me. Nevertheless, they could not find a «sleeve» for the flight from Moscow (as well as back). Passport control did not take much time. And then inter-airport electric train takes passengers to the opposite side of the airport, where your suitcases are already rotating at conveyor belt. Before going out to the city you can change dollars/euros to yuans. However, they charge 50 yuans ($7.4 USD) as a commission from any amount. Possibly there are Automated Teller Machines where you can withdraw money from the card.

I decided to take a train from the airport to the city. Right in front of the air terminal above the round green lawn there is a futuristic turtle shell of a railway station.

The train fare is 25 yuans ($3.7 USD). There is only one train: first to Terminal 2, then to the city subway station Sanyuanqiao and then to the terminal station Dongzhimen. From there the train again goes to Terminal 3.

It takes you 25 minutes to go to the city and 15 minutes back.
On the left - 3rd terminal of Beijing Airport. On the right - railway station of ABC express to Beijing.

The ABC railway express station from Terminal 3 to Beijing. There is a parking lot underneath the station.
Parking lot underneath the station of Terminal 3 of Beijing airport.
Railway station of 3rd terminal of Beijing Capital Int'l Airport.
Card for boarding the ABC express to Beijing. Price — 25 yuans. When entering, press the card to the circle at the turnstile, at exit it swallows the card up.
Inside the ABC Express car .
View from the train window on the road to Beijing from the airport.
ABC express at the Dongzhimen station. It is one of the two stations, where you can change to subway.

Continuation :
Beijing subway

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