Nanjing Zoo

October-November 2008
I was unlucky with zoos in China. When in Beijing I went to the zoo, the day became cloudy and dark, and then, all the same all pictures remained in the photobank. As soon as I came in the zoo in Nanjing, it started to rain a little, then the rain turned into a downpour. In addition to this I stopped to take a picture of a cat mewing under the rain, then a man with two women and two children stopped, he gently called the cat and when it approached he immediately caught it by the tail and started to lift it, bursting his sides with laughter. In the Russian language I told him to let it go and he did it.

Stupidity of Chinese visitors to the zoo is not different from the Russian one: they use everything to beat on the glasses and bars to catch attention of animals, feed them where the notes requesting not to feed are displayed.


Nanjing Zoo

Nanjing Zoo

White cat

Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo map

Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo map.

Black panther

Tiger. Chinese mewed to it.

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Nanjing subway

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