Beijing streets at night

October-November 2008
To tell the truth I got an opinion that in the evening in Beijing they save too much on the light. At some, by far not the smallest streets, the light on the lamp posts was off and the only illumination was coming from the moving traffic and house windows.

It, of course, does not relate to Wangfujing tourist street, which is crowded with foreigners, shops with souvenirs, whose prices have got nothing to do with reality. The street, as it turned out, is rather short, but during your stay there, someone will approach you a couple of times, saying «hallo» or «lady massage».

DongZhiMen Nei street (东直门内 - Dōngzhímén nèi), filled with little restaurants of all kinds, seemed to me more interesting. There is also a Russian tavern called Pushkin.

Restaurant street Dongzhimen Nei.
Restaurant street Dongzhimen Nei (aka Ghost Street / Gui Jie).
Restaurant street Dongzhimen Nei (aka Ghost Street / Gui Jie).
Dongzhimen innner street.
Russian tavern called Pushkin.
Near subway station Haidian Huangzhuang.
Jinyuan Times shopping mall.
Welcome to Wangfujing street.
Wangfujing street.
Wangfujing shopping mall.
Wangfujing Catholic Church.
Wangfujing Catholic Church.
Сhaoyangmen Dajie.
Сhaoyangmen Dajie.

Continuation :
Jialong Sunny hotel

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