Harbor Hotel

October-November 2008
The Harbor Hotel (汇宝大酒店 - Huìbǎo dàjiǔdiàn) is just within a 5 minutes drive by taxi from the railway station or 15 minutes walk from it. You can walk to the main square of Jinan for 25 minutes.

When I inquired in the hotel whether they can get me railway ticket, they confirmed it. The hotel clerk made a telephone call somewhere and inquired about the tickets for the trains I needed, but got the reply that there were no tickets. Some doubts raised in me and I decided to go to the railway station myself. It was strange that there were no tickets, - there are four high speed trains from Jinan to Beijing every day. 500 km for 3 hours! Luckily, there were tickets in the railway station booking offices.

The Harbor hotel was good, but the air was stuffy in the bathroom. One day of stay will cost you 320 yuans ($47 USD).

Room in Harbor Hotel

Room in Harbor Hotel
Bathroom in Harbor Hotel
View from Harbor Hotel
View from Harbor Hotel.

This concludes the story about my first trip to China.
Thank you for watching and reading.


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