White Palace Hotel

October-November 2008
The White Palace Hotel (白宫大酒店 - Báigōng dà jiǔdiàn) is quite a proper hotel for economical travellers. But the building itself is situated somehow in a strange way — it faces the railroad, which is separated from it by a fence. With this, the hotel lobby turns out to be on the 2nd floor, and the only convenient entrance from the street leads through a parking lot. I used to walk like that.

The White Palace Hotel is situated right in between the two subway stations: Xinmofan Road and Nanjing Railway station.

The room should be taken with a view to the lake and city, i.e. facing the south. The rooms from the other side are cheaper, but the view is slightly worse and it is a little bit noisier there. The ceilings of the hotel are low. Once I even saw a little cockroach in my bathroom on the 18th floor.

One-night stay costs 268 yuans ($40 USD). On the lobby you will see totally different, higher prices.

The room has a free internet and a small fridge.

White Palace Hotel

White Palace Hotel.

White Palace Hotel at night.

White Palace Hotel at night.

Room for 268 yuans in White Palace Hotel

Room for 268 yuans in White Palace Hotel.

Bathroom in White Palace Hotel

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