Jia Long Sunny Hotel

October-November 2008
Jialong Sunny hotel (北京佳龙阳光酒店 - Běijīng jiā lóng yángguāng jiǔdiàn) has several advantages.

It is situated close to the Chaoyangmen subway station. It is at the next subway stop but one (or 10 yuans ($1.5 USD) by taxi) to the south from the Dongzhimen station, from where you can get to the airport by a railway express train and where the bus terminal to go in the direction of Chinese Wall is located. The bus 916 can take you to Huairou ( 怀柔 - Huáiróu), from where it is only 20 km to the section Mutianyu of the Great Wall of China. Over there, in Dongzhimen, there is a street of restaurants.

From the hotel you can directly get to the northern entrance to the Forbidden city or entrance to Jingshan Park by public transport or walk 3 km (or for 10 yuans by taxi).

For those, who came to Beijing for shopping, it is even convenient — it will take you 10 minutes to walk up to the Ya Bao Lu street (or 10 yuans by taxi:)

Single room with windows facing the yard cost me 268 yuans ($40 USD). The hotel food is very hot and there are no forks. The room itself was very tiny, but it did not matter to me at all. But the room had a free internet, that, on the contrary, mattered a lot to me.

View of the hotel from Chaoyangmen Nei street (朝阳门内大街).
Chaoyangmen Nei street near the hotel.
Chaoyangmen Nei street.
Chaoyangmen Nei street near the hotel. The hotel entance is located in the courtyard of the house to the left.

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