Shanghai Maglev Train (SMT)

October-November 2008
Maglev (magnetic levitation) — is a super fast «magnetic levitation» train. It joins the Shanghai international airport Pudong with the city. The terminal city station of the magnetoplane is near the subway station Longyang Road (龙阳路 - Longyang Road).

The train develops the speed of 430 km/h. The economy class return ticket to the airport will cost you 80 yuans. One way ticket is 50 yuans ($7.4 USD). There are also other kinds of tickets: for several trips or discount fare, for paper air tickets holders for the same day.

Official site:

The first video shows arrival of the train to the station «Longyang Lu» and boarding of passengers.

Video size: 64Mb.

The second video shows the «flight» of the city-bound train from the airport.

Video size: 96Mb.

Maglev station Longyang Road
Maglev station Longyang Road.
Maglev roadways
Maglev roadways.
Seats in the car of Maglev
Seats in the car of Maglev.

Here you can buy tickets for the railroad
There is a booking office for railway tickets (at the picture to the left) between the magnetoplane station and the subway station Longyang Road. You don't have to go to the railway station and wait in the line.

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