Beijing subway

October-November 2008
By the Olympiad 2008 in Beijing they built several new subway lines and reduced fare to 2 yuans ($0.3 USD). The travelling card can be bought in such ticket machines (there is an English menu) or in the booking office. Most of the bags and all suitcases-bags are X-rayed before entrance to the station. The station names in the subway carriages are first announced in Chinese and then in English. Subway diagrams are also bilingual. It is almost always hot and stifling on the platforms and crossings, and air-conditioners are working in the carriages, at certain lines are very powerful.

There are so few pictures of the Beijing subway and Beijing itself because on the way my photobank started to fail and in Moscow I managed to download just some pictures before it completely broke down.

Beijing Subway Car.

This machine sells ticket-cards for subway. Price - 2 RMB. There is also a menu in English.
Zhichunli station (知春里站 - Zhīchūnlǐ zhàn).
Chaoyangmen station (朝阳门站 - Cháoyángmén zhàn).

Continuation :
Forbidden City

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