High-speed trains CRH

October-November 2008
While reading in the internet stories of travellers in the Celestial Empire, I have always met the positive feed back about Chinese railroad. Usually it was compared with our Russian one, and mainly not to our advantage.

When I was looking through at the above site the intercity train schedule I paid attention to the trains whose numbers started with letter D. According to the table, there were no sleeping berths there but the ordinary 1st and 2nd class seats. These trains had an advantage over others — their travelling time was considerably less.

Having «dug» deeper in the internet, I found out that in China there was a rather extensive net of high-speed train routes - CRH (China Railway High speed).

Finally I made up my itinerary after looking through the pictures of cities through the Google Earth and comparing the routes and time of arrival.

CRH train in Wuxi.
CRH train in Wuxi.
CRH train in Nanjing.
CRH train in Shanghai.
CRH 2-nd class car.
Exact stop place of each train car.

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