Forbidden City

October-November 2008
Forbidden City — is a giant palace ensemble in the very center of Beijing, the place of rule of 24 emperors of the Celestial Empire. For majority of tourists this is the second (after Tiananmen square) place to visit. You can walk around the complex the whole day.

Entrance is 40 yuans ($5.9 USD) from November through March, from April through October — 60 ($8.8 USD).

Official site of the «Forbidden city»:

Square between the Gate of Supreme Harmony to the left and Meridian Gate to the right.

Gate of Supreme Harmony.

Hall of Supreme Harmony / ↑ Click on photo to see larger image ↑

Gate of Heavenly Peace with the portrait of Mao Zedong. It is not yet a Forbidden City. First you have to pass the gates.

A building in the corner.
Frozen joy.
Cute chinese roof.
Fighting dragon-like turtle.
A view of the White Pagoda.
The throne in the Palace of Heavenly Purity.
Gilded bronze lion.
Imperial Garden.
Hall of Imperial Peace (Qin An Dian).
The Pavilion of Myriad Springs.
Statues-guards from evil spirits? Or just little sweet animals?

Continuation :
Tiananmen Square

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