Jinyuan Kaiyue Hotel

October-November 2008
The Jinyuan Kaiyue hotel (金元凯悦大酒店 - Jīnyuánkǎi yuè dà jiǔdiàn) is situated in the southern part of the city on the shore of the lake Bao, very close to the «old administration» Kaifengfu. Half of the rooms have windows facing the lake, but they cost a little bit more. I suspect that washed and laundered towels have not been replaced in that hotel since its construction. 2 nights of stay cost me 520 yuans (260 per day ($38 USD)). The hotel seemed to me almost empty. Well, when I returned to the hotel in the evening, the door to my room was not locked. Nothing has disappeared.

En el bufete del tercer piso, una parte de la pared estaba formada por peceras con cristales de un color verde turbio. En ellas, llenas de resignación, había unas ranas que esperaban su última hora en el estómago de algún visitante. Debajo de las ranas había dos tortugas que al parecer ya no estaban vivas. En otras peceras había cangrejos y nadaban peces.

The part of the wall in the dining room on the 3rd floor consisted of aquariums with dull green glass, which contained frogs that were humbly waiting for their last hour in the belly of some visitor. Under the frogs there were two, seemingly dead, turtles. In other aquariums the crabs were sitting and the fish swimming.
Room in the hotel Jin Yuan Kai Yue
Room in the hotel Jin Yuan Kai Yue.
Room in the hotel Jin Yuan Kai Yue
Room in the hotel Jin Yuan Kai Yue --- ↑ Click on photo to see larger image ↑
Yes, yes, it is a toilet. Works well.
Yes, yes, it is a toilet. Works well.
Hotel dining room
Hotel dining room.
Some people eat frogs
Some people eat frogs.

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