Ramada Shanghai Hongkou hotel

October-November 2008
I decided to stay in Ramada Shanghai Hongkou hotel since I liked the hotel of this Ramada chain in Wuxi. The only thing it was slightly costlier than I thought. Without breakfast the room cost was 398 yuans ($59 USD). With this, you had to pay for internet at the exorbitant cost — 1 yuan per minute. As for the rest — the hotel was quite suitable for living. And open internet can be caught by wifi.

The hotel is located approximately at the equal distance (10 minutes walk) between the three subway stations: Hailunlu, Linpinglu, Hongkou Zuqiuchang.

Room in Ramada Shanghai Hongkou hotel
Room in Ramada Shanghai Hongkou hotel.
Bathroom in Ramada Shanghai Hongkou Hotel.
15th floor
15th floor.
View from the elevator
View from the elevator.
View from the room
View from the room.

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