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Travel to the Southwest China.
Metropolis of Chongqing, Guizhou Province and the city of Fenghuang in the province of Hunan.

Rem Sapozhnikov / October 2011

Having returned in 2008 from China, I already knew that I would go there again. It has been almost exactly 3 years, during which the plans were made for future routes, vocabulary of the Chinese words was increased, and again I hit the road. During my new visit, China was not so mysterious and still pleased with natural and urban landscapes, everyday life of Chinese people, tourist attractions and an extensive, constantly growing and graded-up network of railroads, my main means of transport in the country. Below are my travel notes, photos, sketches and tips for independent travelers that I present to you.

0. Preparation 1. Chongqing 2. Zunyi 3. Guiyang 4. Anshun 5. Kaili 6. Zhenyuan 7. Huaihua 8. Fenghuang 9. Tongren

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