Datong, street scenes

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
Here is a selection of photos that were not included in other sections.

Beidu street (北都街 - Běidū jiē), that runs along the southern city wall of Datong.
North-western outskirts of Datong.
Bike rental opposite the train station.
New Century Hotel (新世纪宾馆 - Xīn shìjì bīnguǎn).
Located a mile (~1.5km) from the train station.
Xingyun Bridge (兴云桥 - Xìngyúnqiáo) over the river Yuhe (御河 - Yùhé). Length – 1620 meters, width – 50 meters.
The bridge connects the old and new parts of the city. New neighborhoods are located across the river, in the eastern part of Datong. Some of the inhabitants from the slums of «Old Town» were relocated there.
Educational Park in Datong, dedicated to national defense.
Birds-captives, future victims of the human – the main eater of everything that moves on our planet.
The knackery and unsanitary in the streets of Datong.
North-west of Datong.
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Hongqi Grand Hotel

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