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Photo-sketchings on the way to Laoniuwan

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016

We are leaving for Laoniuwan, or rather, first to the city of Pianguan.

Along the way I take pictures of the Shanxi scenery from the bus window.

Not far from the exit of the toll road, we stopped at a new rest facility. It is called Pianguan — same as the town we were heading to. The toilets were open, but the shops were yet closed.

One of the two rows of male toilet. Show me something like this on the Yaroslavl–Rybinsk or Vologda–Arkhangelsk roads.
By the way, just across the road, there is an exactly the same rest facility for cars, moving in the opposite direction.

Our bus never disappointed us. And thanks again to the driver who drove it through the mountain roads like a pro.

We arrived at Pianguan. Now we check in, have lunch and go to Laoniuwan.

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