Luyashan Mountain. Ice Cave (万年冰洞 - Wànnián bīngdòng).

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
The most famous, weird and unusual attraction in the Luyashan Mountain is the Ice Cave. Its entrance is at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level, and the cave itself has a depth of 85 meters. The cave is literally called "Ten Thousand Year Old Ice Cave", and its descriptions say it was formed 3 million years ago. They also write everywhere that the ice in the cave does not melt, and the temperature inside is constantly 4°C degrees below zero. At the same time, when I was there, the temperature outside the cave was above 30 degrees.

Personally, I do not believe this cave is natural; I think they use some mining equipment for ground freezing, or some other cooling system. Every Russian from the central part of the country having a country house knows that the water in a pipe laid to a depth of one and a half meters under the ground never freezes in winter.

In the cave I was wearing a fleece jacket over the t-shirt. In Moscow in winter at –4°C, I would never go out in the street this way. Several tourists who visited the cave that day wore only their T-shirts. Others walked through the cave wearing shorts.

In the cave in some places you can see the ice melting, and the cave arches resemble walls of a freezer, which won't close tightly. I looked through photos of different ice caves over the world and did not find any of them like this one – 100% covered by ice.

By the way, Russia has a similar place of interest – the Kungur Ice Cave in the Perm region. It looks much more natural.

A ticket to the Ice Cave is 120 yuan (1140 rubles or 18 USD). Wandering around the ice maze of the underground cave is a complete delight!

The cave entrance. Although we arrived here in the evening, there were still a lot of visitors. A very popular place.
Each time the stairs turned surprisingly deeper and deeper.
My pictures, unfortunately, do not convey the beauty of this cave.
Video of the Ice cave.
This puppy was walking near the entrance to the cave, next to the parking area of electric cars, on which our group returned to the entrance of the tourist zone.
As in the previous place (with Hanging coffins), it is possible to walk from the entrance about a kilometer to the Ice Cave or drive for 10 yuan (round trip) on the electric car.
Locals sell local mushrooms.
Map of the tourist area near the cave.
The inscription on the poster – Red Memory (红色记忆 - Hóngsè jìyì).
History of the Communist Party of China, the Memory of the war against the Japanese invaders, founding of New China.
We go further – to the village in the mountains with spectacular scenery.

* * *
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