Earthen Great Wall section near Deshengbao fortress (得胜堡 - Déshèng bǎo)

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
Road sign at the turn to the village of Deshengbao.
Satellite map. The Deshengbao village-fortress is on the bottom center. In the upper part we can see the Wall and 3 other fortresses. Fortress adjoined to the outer part of the Wall served as a gate for the passage.
View of the countryside from the mountain nearby. Three local fortresses, except Deshengbao.
The one bigger – is the Zhenqiang fortress (镇羌堡 - Zhènqiāng bǎo).
The wall of Deshengbao fortress.
Deshengbao entrance gate.
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Going to the next section of the Wall. Fengzhen is left behind.
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In some places the road runs parallel to the ruis of the Wall.
The distance from the Deshengbao fortress to the section of the wall near the Changcheng village is 40 km in a straight line and about 50 km by road.

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