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Luyashan International Hotel (芦芽山国际酒店 - Lúyáshān guójì jiǔdiàn)

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016

In the Dongzhai town there are many different hotels, but no such beautiful and modern as the Luyashan International Hotel. Thanks to China Daily for choosing it for the two overnight stays.

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The only problem for the entire stay was strange air conditioning in the rooms. All members of our team noticed this problem.

My room. Very high bed.

Except the bathtub there was also a shower.

Conference hall. Here we had breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The dish is called "Kaolaolao" (栲栳栳 - kǎolǎolǎo). It looks like a honeycomb, and is made from oatmeal. The dish received its name from a wicker basket, which in Chinese is called "kaolao" (栲栳 - kǎolǎo). These baskets are made of bamboo or wicker. The dish is from the city of Xinzhou. Kaolaolao tastes very bland and therefore is served with a sauce of vegetables, mushrooms or lamb.

Even at the table, we must not forget that the height of the Luyashan peak is 2788 meters.

Huajuan, steamed "flower twist" bun (花卷 - huājuǎn)
with red tofu "cheese" called hongfuru (紅腐乳 - hóngfǔrǔ ) or nanru (南乳 - nánrǔ).

The restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel.

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It was a pity to leave this beautiful corner of the Shanxi province, but other attractions were waiting for us.

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