Pianguan. Taliang Hill and Wenbi Tower.

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
The Taliang Hill (塔梁 - Tǎliáng) is located on the east side of the city, next to the hotel where we stayed. Wenbilingxiao (文笔凌霄塔 - Wénbǐlíngxiāo tǎ) or Wenbi tower is on its top. The tower name derives from its similarity to the shape of a ink pen. At least, it's considered so. Its complete name can be translated as "sky soaring pen". Nowadays it is a symbol of enlightenment. The tower was built in 1621 during the reign of Zhu Youxiao (1605-1627), the 15th emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1620-1627). By the way, he was only 16 years old by then. First, the tower had seven floors. But in 1635, during the next, and the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, additional 4 floors had completed. The Wenbi Tower has octagonal shape, and its height is 35 meters.

On the hill there is a beautiful park. Vehicle owners may come up using their cars. The rest will have to overcome 518 steps. The park acquired its current appearance in 2007, and before, it was just a hill with a tower.
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Wenbi Tower.
At the foot of the tower on the circle in relief depicts twenty-four Chinese agricultural year seasons (二十四节气) and the twelve annual signs of the zodiac (十二生肖).
Not far from the tower there is a monument to Confucius, which is revered throughout China.
Town view from the Taliang Hill.
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Panoramic view of Pianguan town.
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